General Support

Central Texas Children’s Home operates much as your home does. We have food, utility, vehicle, insurance and many other miscellaneous expenses. In addition, we have to pay the Christian missionaries that care for the children along with their benefit packages. None of these expenses are particularly exciting or directly life changing but they are core to what we do for children and families. Without support to the general fund none of the other life-transforming services, actions or events would take place.

Good-hearted folks give to this fund with unspecified one-time gifts and monthly support which goes to those expenses that are necessary to giving children a great Christian Home to live.

Specific Funds

Quarterly, the Central Texas Children’s Home sends specific fundraising letters to donors requesting assistance with specific needs.

Historically, those needs are:

  1. Help with matching grants

  2. Capital improvements 

  3. Funding for summer activities

  4. Capital building

  5. Current needs

Currently, the need is for $1000.00 gifts to be made to purchase new bedroom suits for the children’s bedrooms with acknowledgement plaques placed outside the bedrooms.

To help keep accounting costs to a minimum, only gifts of $100 or more may be designated to a specific fund.






Giving with Amazon Smile

An easy way to give to CTCH is to do your regular Amazon shopping with our Amazon Smile link! Amazon will donate 0.5% of your eligible purchase to Central Texas Children's Home. It's the same Amazon you use every day, same products, service, and prices.

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Central Texas Children’s Home is blessed to have the Maurice Kemper Endowment. This endowment was created to provide long term support to the ministry at Central Texas Children’s Home. Those donors giving one time or cumulatively $1000.00 or more to the endowment have their names placed on a plaque located in the main office of the Central Texas Children’s Home.