Central Texas Children’s Home began as a promise to give troubled boys a second chance. Since 1969, we’ve devoted our efforts to providing a safe haven for boys and girls impacted by trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, and selfishness. Our ministry is now about reconciliation (II Corinthians 5:11-21), mending divides to strengthen families. We help children and their families learn to adjust, adapt, and overcome the pain of their past. As we teach those in need how to be healthy in the present and prepared to serve in the future, we remind them that God has plans for them.






Through God’s providence, Central Texas Children’s Home responds to the cries of those often marginalized. Fully staffed with experienced Christian Child Care, our House Parents impact the lives of young people through the love of the Lord. Enabled by volunteer-provided renovations to our facilities, we’ve bolstered our commitment to the spiritual lives of our children by providing personal Bibles, weekly Bible devotionals, and opportunities to attend church regularly.

Our new methodology, trauma informed care, enables and empowers children and families. Through this process, young people are given the tools to conquer their triggers and claim victory over their past traumas.


Central Texas has established the Maurice Kemper Endowment to provide financial support to teens transitioning into successful adults. We plan to measure their needs and account for what we can provide, while expanding our services in this area. Continued training in the techniques of trauma informed care will enable us to better assist children and their families.

Central Texas Children’s Home looks forward to hopefully hosting a foster care program, teaching Christian parenting classes, and providing Christian counseling to those in need.

Where are we going? As far as God needs us to go while in His service!


More than 900 children have found sanctuary, acceptance and a fresh start on our 152-acre campus since 1969.